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YouTube App Install Boost

Are you using video ads. to boost the number of customers of your application? No? You are missing a ton! YouTube app install boost can significantly increase the number of new users, leading to a massive increase in revenues too.

How to boost app installs?

There are countless ways to boost app installs, but the best ones are:
Popups on your site. They are very good conversion tools, but they can also annoy your visitors a lot. So it is a double-edged sword. Be careful with them.
Posts on social media.Post frequently on your multiple feeds on social networks, with a clear call-to-action to install your app. The organic reach is low, but if you insist enough, you can get some new installation. Just, don't be too pushy, or you can lose followers.
More reviews on your app. If you get more reviews and they are positive, you will have a better chance to get new installs. Ask people to review your app, and offer freebies if they do it. If your app is great, this is an awesome way to increase app installs
Ads. for your app. You can create multiple formats of ads. but those that attract more attention are video ads, and the biggest portal for videos in the world is YouTube. A strategy for a YouTube app install is the way to go to get the best results.

YouTube app install ads

You can and you should use YouTube to promote your videos. It is the best place to be seen, no doubt about it. But here is a surprise for you.

Advertising on YouTube using their own Google Ads platform would be a few times more expensive than using FameYo!

How can FameYo offer better YouTube app install ads. at a better price than YouTube itself?

FameYo has a special account on the Google ads platform, that allows it to purchase ads on YouTube at a better rate, than a regular user. That happens because FameYo purchases many ads, thanks to the multiple clients FameYo has.

And we combine this preferential price, with our targeting system, to offer an excellent video promotion service.

You can use our paid promotion and post multiple types of YouTube ads:
Display ads. They appear on the right side of a video on YouTube.
Overlay ads. They appear like a banner at the bottom of the video that is playing.
Skippable video ads. They appear before a video starts and can be skipped after 15 seconds.
Non-skippable video ads. They appear before a video and can be skipped after 15 seconds.
Sponsored cards. They appear as a YouTube Card element inside the video.

YouTube app install strategy

It is not enough to have a single video and pour money into it. If you want to maximize your results you will need a complete content strategy.
Think about the following:
What kind of videos, your potential customers can enjoy?
What can be useful for them?
What makes your app different from the rest?
Do your customers need an app guide?
Do they need tutorials for different features of your app?

You will need to answer all of these questions and more.
Create a complete strategy with many videos. That way you will reach more customers and help the existing ones. Better customer satisfaction can lead to higher grades on reviews and this can stimulate new app installs.

After you have uploaded a few videos, you can focus on paid promotion to truly reach their potential.

YouTube app install campaigns

You can have multiple campaigns and try with different duration of videos. You can experiment with different targets, videos, and budgets and see what works for you. Don’t limit yourself to a single ad. campaign. Use multiple at the same time to get faster to your dream result.

Mix some video ads. with useful content for your potential customers. Give them additional value and create brand awareness. You will get the best results if you have YouTube app install campaigns for each of the marketing funnel elements:
• Awareness.
• Interest.
• Consideration.
• Intent.
• Evaluation.
• Purchase.

New app installs thanks to a complete YouTube app install strategy will be incredibly beneficial to your brand and will lead to many new customers.

Try it out!

And remember, FameYo is always here to help you with an additional YouTube app boost!