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Real YouTube Comments Boost

Are you dreaming about real YouTube comments? Do you want to get more of them on your YouTube videos and have more engagement? Then you came to the right place! FameYo will teach you what actions can you take to get those dreamed YouTube comments.

Real YouTube comments!

To get real YouTube comments, there are really important reasons:

Ranking boost. You want your audience to be active. The more people comment on your videos, the better for your channel. YouTube will notice this and will take it into account when it ranks you between the videos. There are plenty of videos on YouTube, so every effort like the YouTube comment boost can be vital for your ranking. Yes, it is not as big a signal as CTR (click-through rate) and AVD (average view duration), but still worth it.

Community creation. Let the people talk! They will start to comment about your video, the things you are showing, and everything in between. That way, many of them can even become friends! Creating a strong bond and feeling like a tribe will help you have more views in the future and create a strong brand. Yes, your YouTube channel is a brand, so treat it this way. Later you can enjoy the benefits of that, with more loyal followers, and even true fans that will want not only to watch your videos but also to buy the products you sell.

Feedback.Don’t forget that you are working for your viewers. They have the right to share feedback with you. Positive or negative feedback, both will be useful for your YouTube channel. If the viewers didn't like something, you can change it in the future. If you do something right, you can focus on it in the future. There is no better way to get such insight that will help you improve your future videos.

Chance for interaction with the audience. And don’t forget that YouTube is not a simple broadcast channel. You can directly write comments too. Get into the chats. Involve yourself with the audience. Answer questions, show that you appreciate your audience, create discussions, and more. The more you are friendly with your audience, the better chance there is for them to follow you!

New ideas. Have you noticed that, in the comments section of many videos, people frequently request additional content or ideas? “I liked your X review, but can you do a review of the product Y?”. This is the easiest way to get new ideas for your audience, that you know they will like. Get inspired by the YouTube comments. Put down the ideas and use them in the future.

More comments more shares.The more discussion there is under your YouTube videos, the better chance the viewers will share your videos. They can share it with their friends and your videos can get in front of many new viewers.

How to get real YouTube comments?

Here you have the best tips to get real YouTube comments on your videos:

Have a controversial position.If you are taking a truly different position about a topic, let’s say you create a video “The tango is not romantic” or “Paris is the worse city to visit”, there will be plenty of people defending the opposite position. Yes, the popular position will be defended by many comments. Use it but with caution. You don’t want to be hated by the viewers.

Shoot in a new location.If you have loyal followers, they will notice right away, if you shot a video in a different location. Do it, and immediately you will see plenty of real comments about it. Yes, people are naturally curious. They want to know why are you there. Is it a permanent change or is it a one-time thing? Many questions will arise.

Mention comments from the previous video. You can see what people commented on your last video and share it. That way, you can return the interest to the previous video and at the same time, motivate people to comment, because you can choose their comments for a future video.

Create a contest.Create a contest that depends on commenting. Yes, this requires some prize and game mechanics, but people will for sure comment. Even for a small prize like a free T-shirt, or free headphones. YouTube comments can be obtained with a contest.

Make a shout-out to viewers. Make a shout-out to some of the viewers. You can see who is always there, giving likes and commenting and greet them. Say hi, and thank them for their support. It is a small gesture, but people will feel appreciated and they will be more motivated to comment in the future. This can also convert some first-time viewers into subscribers. You can also use the new YouTube handle feature to tag them in the comments.

End videos with a question.“What do you think about this?” is a great way to get real YouTube comments. People feel pushed to say their opinion. It can help you a lot to get new comments without a big effort.

Add call to action.“Comment below”. How many times have you heard that? And you will hear it many times more. It works. If you give clear instructions to your viewers, you have a lot better chance to get new comments. Just be polite about it. Nobody likes orders, especially in their free time for watching videos.

Make an error.Making errors is an effective way to get new comments. Yes, it might not be the best for your channel, but there are plenty of people that want to correct any mistake on the Internet. It is a lot of work, but many people enjoy it

Get more views.Yes, it is completely logical. The more views you have, the better chance you have to get comments. FameYo is here to boost your views by showing your videos in front of real people. That way, you will get plenty of chances to get more real YouTube views! Follow the tips that we gave you, and boost your videos with FameYo for maximum results. There is nothing better than getting the attention that you deserve. Trust us with your YouTube video promotion and grow your channel!

Boost YouTube comments

As you can see, YouTube comments can be very useful. They are the voice of your viewers. There are no marketing tools that can show so in-depth data about those people behind the screens, only real YouTube comments can. Boost the YouTube comment and develop a true community!