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Real Website Traffic Boost

Getting real traffic for a website is a real challenge. There are millions of sites already and all of them are fighting for attention. In this sea of never-ending content, how can you get real traffic?

And pay attention that we are talking about real traffic. No fake clicks, and bots visits. Real people that can be your future clients or followers.


SEO means search engine optimization. It’s a single term, but it involves many processes that strive to take your website and rank is better on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, and more. Those processes can involve activities to speed up your site, improve the code, get backlinks from other sites, improve the structure, create quality content, and more.

All of the SEO activities to get real traffic for the website target the free traffic from the search engines. Free traffic, also known as organic traffic is the one that comes without advertising. Your site appears naturally on search engines.

Each search engine has different criteria to evaluate your site and your content but there are two areas on which you need to focus to get a real website traffic boost.

On-page SEO

On-page SEO is the process of SEO optimization focusing on the website itself. Keyword analyzing, optimizing for the right keywords, better structuring for your site and your articles, optimization of images and videos, improving the code of the site, and more.

Off-page SEO

You can get real website traffic by performing off-page SEO. It involves all types of activities to improve your brand image, create backlinks from different sites, social media promotion, and more. Every activity outside of the site itself.

Paid promotion

You can get real website traffic from paid promotions too. Most search engines reserve the first few lines of results for paid ads. For search engines, this is the way to get money.

There is nothing wrong with it, but this kind of promotion will cost you more money. It is far more expensive to get traffic through paid promotion than through content marketing.

Real traffic to your website

What really matters is getting real traffic for website, not fake clicks. You need real people, who are really interested in your products, services, or content. There are many fake services that promise you great results but provide only fake views.

You want real views, not bots, and that is understandable. It is hard work managing an online business. You don’t want to waste any resources without real results.

FameYo wants to show you two ways to get this real traffic for your website from YouTube.

Promote your website on YouTube

The direct approach is to promote your website on YouTube. You can create ads. about your site, products, and services.

Make an interesting video with the right call-to-action that will motivate the viewers to get on your site.

Uploading your ad on YouTube is free, and it can be seen by up to 2.4 billion active visitors on the platform. It will get some organic reach, but to truly use the full potential of your video ad. You should use paid promotion.

You can go directly with YouTube Ads, or get up to 5 times more views with FameYo, for the same price. We are a professional video promotion service focusing exclusively on video promotion on YouTube. We do one thing, and we do it well. With our promotion, your site will get more traffic through your videos.

YouTube as a content marketing tool

Real website traffic can be generated through YouTube content marketing too. First, create a channel and start uploading videos. Think first about your site visitors, and what they need.

Give your audience the right content!

How-to videos, funny videos, product and service reviews, and more. And don’t forget to use call-to-actions on those videos, leading to your website. Direct the traffic to your site and get better results with video.

When you start to get enough information on YouTube, use YouTube Analytics to see which videos are doing better. Those that bring the most traffic are the best to promote. They have already shown that they are more interesting for the audience.

Boost them with FameYo and multiply their results. Use it to get real traffic for website!

Yes, it is a bit indirect, but there is no other content type that can get more attention than video content.

It is the one that really gets the attention of the audience and makes them engaged with it.

Getting a real website traffic boost is possible and there are plenty of ways of doing it. The key is to combine organic and paid promotion to really get the best possible result.