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Boosting your social media number has become a true challenge in the last year. No matter which one you target, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or another, it is getting harder. To get some new subscribers, you should try YouTube video social promotion.

What is YouTube video social promotion?

The idea is simple, create an engaging video that has a clear call-to-action asking your viewers to follow you on social media. The video is one of the most successful content formats on the web, so it has the potential to attract far more people than a blog article, photo, or other content types.

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Social Boost YouTube benefits

Creating a social media campaign. YouTube can bring a lot of benefits for you, your company, products, or services:

It can get you new subscribers.The most obvious reason why you want a social boost is to get more people to follow you. You can advertise on one social network (YouTube) and bring the viewers to the rest: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, etc. You can do it directly with a call-to-action to follow you or you can leave your profiles in the description of each video. Both can bring you new subscribers.

It can create more engaged followers who follow you on multiple platforms. Using a Social Boost YouTube campaign will create more contacts with your audience. You can give them another reason to follow you, and get to know you, or your brand. The more they learn about you, or your brand, the bigger the chance that they will follow you on multiple platforms. Imagine if you could get the same amount of followers on at least 3 social media platforms. Wouldn’t it be great!

You can reduce the risk. More profiles on social networks less risk. It is diversification. Imagine if in the future the conditions of Facebook, YouTube, or another platform change. You could lose your business or have serious troubles if you depend 100% on one of them. But if your income is coming from all of them in a comparable matter, then you will risk just a small piece of the pie. It is never a good idea to depend 100% on one social network, so this action can save your business.

More chances for sponsors. With well-developed profiles, you can get more chances for sponsors. Yes, after a Social Boost YouTube campaign, you will be able to attract more sponsors on each of the social networks. That way, you can get far greater incomes than just with one developed social profile. Get more money from multiple sources!

Inter-platform sponsor campaigns. With good social networks, you can get a big deal that involves multiple profiles. Yes, a brand can ask you for a video on YouTube, multiple short videos for YouTube Shorts, TikTok, and Instagram, and photo posts for Instagram and Facebook. You can create package deals and use them in your marketing materials.

How to create a social media campaign YouTube?

Define goal or goals

What profiles do you want to improve? How many more followers do you want? How much time and money can you afford for this campaign? You need to set your goals, based on your resources and desires.

Definition of strategy

What type of content are you planning to use? Will it be YouTube Shorts, Live videos, Long-format Videos, or something else? Define how many videos you are going to create and with what purpose. You have limited time and resources, so be smart.

Pre-production of the content

The pre-production of the videos will involve all the preparations like script writing, location scouting, preparing props, and more. Everything before shooting the video or videos.

Production of the content

You need to shoot the video or videos. The whole production day, organization of people, camera gear, audio, and data management. Follow the script and the pre-defined organization to make it easier.

Post-production of the content

Edit the video or videos, fix the audio, add effects, and more. Create the final products for your Social Boost YouTube campaign. You can edit multiple short videos from one long one, and that way you will have more material in the end.

Releasing of the content

You need to upload the videos, add meta descriptions, cool titles, and thumbnails and decide on the time of release. It all depends on your previously set goals, but you must aim for the best times when there are more potential viewers.

Advertising the content

It would be a shame if, after so much work, you don’t advertise your YouTube videos. You want them to be in front of as many people as possible! It is important for your efforts to be visible to a large audience and to attract more followers on social media platforms. FameYo can help you with that!

Controlling the results

After creating a YouTube social media campaign, you should check the results. Compare with the initial goals. Do they match? If yes, then everything is fine. If not, you should consider another social campaign or invest more in the current one.


Using a Social boost YouTube campaign for sure can bring you a lot of benefits. It is worth to use one channel of communication to improve the others. Make all of your social network profiles strong and enjoy the multiple benefits.
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